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  • Spend no time in ticketing queues thanks to your skip-the-line entry to Monserrate Palace.
  • Enjoy a visit to the botanical gardens, one of the richest of its kind, housing lush exotic foliage!
  • Bear witness to a striking example of Romanticism at Monserrate Palace.
  • Witness a blend of Moorish, Indian, and Gothic influences.
  • Discover a large and lush variety of exotic foliage in the surrounding gardens.
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  • Skip the line entry to Monserrate Palace & Park
  • Skip the line entry to Monserrate Palace & Park with audio guide
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Combo (Save 5%): National Palace of Sintra + Monserrate Palace & Park Tickets

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  • Get this economical combo to discover Sintra's rich culture at the National Palace of Sintra & the stunning Monserrate Palace.
  • Visit the oldest palace in Portugal and the beating heart of Sintra, the National Palace.
  • Discover its rich history and admire the wonderful blend of Manueline and Moorish styles of architecture.
  • Check out the largest collection of Spanish-Moorish tiles.
  • Explore the romantic and whimsical Monserrate castle from the 19th century.
  • Walk the lush botanical gardens of the Palace, housing rich exotic foliage and a hidden waterfall.
  • Witness a lovely blend of Arabic Gothic, Moorish, and Indian architectural styles.
  • Entry ticket to the National Palace of Sintra
  • Entry ticket to Monserrate Palace & Park
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Visiting Monserrate Palace and Park in Sintra | Book Monserrate Palace Tickets

A charming town located in the Portuguese nation, Sintra is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The town has an array of collection of castles, palaces,  fascinating buildings, and villas. Among famous places like Castelo dos Mouros and several UNESCO World Heritage sites, Monserrate Palace and Park is a must-visit attraction. Set on the foothills of Serra De Sintra, the construction of the castle is inspired by a mixture of Romantic, Gothic, and Islamic architecture. Located on the stunning green hill overlooking the surroundings, the pink Monserrate Palace looks like a palace out of a fairy tale.

If you are planning a visit to Portugal, add Monserrate Palace and Park to your travel plans. Before visiting the place, you must know about the Monserrate Palace tickets, opening hours, how to reach the place, and much more. Keep reading to know everything about Monserrate Palace.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Why Visit Monserrate Palace?

Why Visit Monserrate Palace?

  • The Monserrate Palace is known for being the symbol of Romanticism in Portugal. 
  • The palace was built in 1856 with a unique mixture of Gothic, Indian, Islamic, and Moorish influenced architecture. 
  • The Palace and Park of Monserrate also houses a villa, rose garden, and a botanical park. The park is known for growing various species from all over the world.
  • Visit Portugal’s richest botanical gardens and take a stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • Go through the palace to admire the furnishing, extravagant decoration, and architecture of the Monserrate Palace. 
  • Visit the Fern Valley, which is home to a giant collection of ferns!
  • Enter the “Scented Path” that connects the Park to the Palace of Monserrate.

Your Monserrate Palace Tickets Explained

Monserrate Palace and Park - Monserrate Palace Skip-The-Line Tickets

What is the Best Way To Book Monserrate Palace Tickets? Book Online

Monserrate Palace and Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions if you plan to visit Sintra, and it can become an ordeal to get your hands on the tickets without prior arrangements. Book your tickets online in advance and enjoy a hassle-free experience of exploring the fascinating palace. 

  • Convenience: Take in the beauty of the architecture at the Monserrate Palace and Park as you leave behind the hassle of long queues with the fast-track tickets that make your experience easier.
  • Advance Reservations: With the online ticketing process, you can secure your trip easily by booking your tickets and tour slots beforehand.
  • Great Discounts: Experience what the Romantic structure of the Monserrate Palace has to offer at interestingly low prices, as online booking gives you great discounts.

Monserrate Palace Highlights

Monserrate Palace and Park - Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is the main atrium of the palace and park of Monserrate that lets you pass through. The hall is designed in the shape of an octagon and the central fountain makes it more charming.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Central Gallery

Central Gallery

The most photogenic area of the palace, the Central Gallery interconnects the rooms and chambers. The pink marble and the Moorish pattern interior architecture are splendid. The gallery is truly a fairy tale wonder!

Monserrate Palace and Park - Library


The library once served as a working office for Francis Cook and his descendants. Designed in the walnut style, it is the only main room that has a gate in the palace and park of Monserrate.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Dining Room

Dining Room

Beautifully designed in stucco and stencil style the Dining Room gives luxurious vibes. Next to the Dining Room, you can find a pantry equipped with a lifter, which is connected to the kitchen.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Sacred Art Room

Sacred Art Room

The Sacred Art Room is known for making the main attraction of Main Tower (Central Tower). As its name suggests, the room serves as a collection of pieces of sacred art.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Main Hall or Octagon

Main Hall or Octagon

The Main Hall is the most picturesque part of the palace. The hall got its other name “Octagon” due to its shape. It is easily accessible from rooms, chambers, garden, kitchen, and Staircase.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Sitting Room

Sitting Room

Also known as the South Room, this part was a favorite social space for the ladies. The Sitting Room was used for gathering, conversations, readings, and other activities such as sewing.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Park of Monserrate

Park of Monserrate

The park is based on the concept of botanical gardens covering an area of over 33 hectares. Known as the 19th-century romantic gardens, the garden is filled with hundreds of plant species, artificial lakes, and waterfalls.

Monserrate Palace and Park - Music Room

Music Room

Also known as the “Noble Room”, this part of the palace is still used for music performances and concerts. Sir Francis Cook and his family used a music room to entertain their guests.

Plan Your Visit To Monserrate Palace

Getting There
Visitor Tips
Monserrate Palace and Park - Timings
  • Timings: Monserrate Palace: 10:00 AM - 06:30 PM (Monday - Sunday)
    Monserrate  Park: 10:00 AM - 06:30 PM (Monday - Sunday) 
  • Last Entry: The last admission to the park is at 05:00 PM and for the palace is 05.30 PM.
  • Closed on: December 25th and January 1st
  • Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Monserrate Palace and park is during the morning hours when there is less crowd. During these hours, you can discover this wonder of Portugal peacefully.
Monserrate Palace and Park - Getting There

Address: 2710-405 Sintra, Portugal

Find on Map.

  • By Train: Line 18801 train
    Nearest Stop: Sintra Train Station
  • By Bus: 435 tourist bus
    Nearest Stop: Sintra Bus Stand
  • By Car: Lisbon international airport (30.7 km)
    Nearest Car Parking: Monserrate Park provides two car parking spaces for visitors.
Monserrate Palace and Park - Rules
  • Children under 5 years old are free to enter the palace and park. 
  • The Monserrate Palace and park remain open except on December 25th and January 1st.
  • Photography is allowed in the Monserrate Palace. 
  • Picking plants or flowers is not allowed in the park.  
  • The last entry to the Monserrate Palace is allowed till 06.00 pm. 
  • The opening time of the stores and restaurants is the same as the opening time of the palace. 
  • The Monserrate Palace and park are wheelchair and stroller friendly. 
  • The visitor can not prebook the equipment, the equipment is respective to its availability.
  • If you get a manual wheelchair, it will take 20 minutes to assemble.  
  • The cafeteria and stores are disabled people friendly with WC facilities.
Monserrate Palace and Park - Nearby
  • Park and National Palace of Pena: Famous as one of the “7 Wonders of Portugal”, the Park and National Palace of Pena is known as the first romantic palace in Europe. It inspired many constructions all over the world including the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
  • Castelo dos Mouros: The castle was built on a mountain in the 9th century and includes secret passages and a large cistern. Now, the castle is one of the most important structures in Lisbon. Explore the history of the castle through archaeological excavations.
  • Quinta da Regaleira: The Quinta da Regaleira was a summer home to the Viscountess of Regaleira. The Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish, Neo-Manueline, and Renaissance architecture of the palace is decorated with fantastical winged animals interior. The term “imaginary universe of symbolism” is often used for the place.
  • Sintra National Palace: The palace of Sintra is also known as the Town Palace and was built around the 15th century. The Sintra National Palace features Medieval, Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance architecture. The palace was entitled the most visited palace in Portugal in 2008 with 408712 visitors.
Monserrate Palace and Park - Visitor Tips
  • Avoid the hassle of waiting in lines and buy Monserrate Palace tickets online. 
  • If you are driving to the palace and park of Monserrate, then the place has 2 parking for the visitors. 
  • The Monserrate Palace is wheelchair friendly. 
  • The place offers shops to buy souvenirs.
  • To satisfy the hunger cravings, there are Cafeterias and Restaurants for the visitors.

All Your Questions About Monserrate Palace Tickets Answered

Q. Where can I buy Monserrate Palace tickets?

A. You can book Monserrate Palace tickets online.

Q. Can I buy Monserrate Palace tickets online?

A. Yes, you can buy Monserrate Palace Sintra tickets.

Q. What is the cost of Monserrate Palace tickets?

A. The cost of Monserrate Palace tickets to skip the line is €8. You can get your ticket.

Q. Can I get a discount on Monserrate Palace tickets?

A. Yes, you can book Monserrate Palace tickets online to avail the discount and offers.

Q. What is Monserrate Palace?

A. The Monserrate Palace is one of the famous and unique attractions of Portugal. The palace is known as a romantic and whimsical castle from the 19th century. The palace is known for its iconic and inspiring architecture and botanical garden.

Q. How can I get access to Monserrate Palace?

A. You can book the Monserrate Palace Sintra tickets online to get access to the Monserrate Palace.

Q. Where is Monserrate Palace located?

A. The Monserrate Palace is located at 2710-405 Sintra, Portugal.  9

Q. What are some of the highlights of Monserrate Palace?

A. The Entrance Hall, Central Gallery, Library, Dining Room, Sacred Art Room, Main Hall, Sitting Room, Billiards Room, and Music Room are the main highlights of Monserrate Palace. 

Q. How to reach Monserrate Palace?

A. To reach Monserrate Palace by public transport you can take 435 tourist buses. The palace is also accessible by the drive and offers parking spaces for visitors.

Q. What are the timings of Monserrate Palace?

A. The timings of Monserrate Palace are 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM and for Monserrate Park from 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM. The palace remains open from Monday to Sunday. 

Q. What facilities are available in Monserrate Palace?

A. The Monserrate Palace offers wheelchair facilities, washrooms, cafes, restaurants, and gift shops for visitors. 

Q. Is Monserrate Palace wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, Monserrate Palace is wheelchair accessible.

Q. Is photography allowed in Monserrate Palace?

A. Yes, photography is allowed in Monserrate Palace. 7

Q. Is it worth visiting Monserrate Palace?

A. Yes, the palace is worth visiting as it is known for being a romantic and architectural wonder of Portugal. The park also houses the richest botanical gardens, which have around 1000 species of plants.