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Everything You Need to Know About Monserrate Park in Sintra

Monserrate Park is a botanically diverse garden set on the grounds of Monserrate Palace & Park, organized by geographic regions. It showcases flora from around the globe, creating a tapestry of landscapes amidst ruins, lakes, and waterfalls. From the lush garden of Mexico to the tranquil Rose Garden and ornamental lakes, each corner is worth exploring on your visit to Monserrate Palace & Park.

Monserrate Park Sintra | Quick facts

  • Official Name: Monserrate Park
  • Location: 2710-405 Sintra, Portugal
  • Founded: 19th century (1850s)
  • Architectural Style: Romantic Revival with Gothic, Indian, and Moorish influences
  • Function: Botanical park and cultural landmark

Why visit Monserrate Park in Sintra?

  • Historical Significance: Explore gardens dating back to 1790, once home to literary figures like William Beckford and visited by Lord Byron, offering a journey through centuries of cultural and botanical heritage.
  • Botanical Diversity: Discover plant collections curated over four generations, featuring magnificent tree specimens, palms, tree ferns, and succulent plant collections from countries like Brazil and India.
  • Landscaped Marvels: Encounter architectural remnants like the Indian Arch, False Ruins, and Vathek's Arch, showcasing eclectic designs and historical connections spanning continents.
  • Restored Treasures: Experience the beauty of restored features like the Mexican Garden, Rose Garden, and ornamental ponds, unveiling the splendor of Monserrate's romantic landscapes, once admired by royalty.

Monserrate Park Sintra highlights

Chapel Ruins

These ruins were created by Francis Cook to emulate the old chapel of Our Lady of Monserrate, built by Gerard de Visme. Now embraced by lush vegetation, the chapel ruins are now an inseparable part of Monserrate Park.

Indian Arch

Marvel at the ornate Indian arch procured by Sir Francis Cook from the Governor-General of India, Charles Canning, after the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857. It serves as a testament to the park's global connections and eclectic design influences.


Behold the first lawn to be planted in Portugal, recognizable by its expansive size and unique curved surface, showcasing innovative landscaping and a creative watering system. Relax and take in a breath of fresh air here!

Mexican Garden

Explore the Mexican Garden, the hottest and driest part of Monserrate gardens. It boasts a collection of plants that thrive in warm climates, such as palms, yuccas, agaves, and cycads. This area was completely restored in 2010.

Rose Garden

Enjoy historic varieties of rose bushes adorning the valley in the Rose Garden, meticulously restored and inaugurated by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in 2011.

Vathek's Arch

Encounter a stone arch that was allegedly built by William Beckford, named after a protagonist of his renowned novel, Vathek, adding a touch of literary intrigue to Monserrate's landscape.

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Frequently asked questions about Monserrate Park in Sintra

What is Monserrate Park?

Monserrate Park is a historic botanical garden located in Sintra, Portugal, renowned for its lush landscapes, diverse plant collections, and architectural landmarks.

How can I get tickets to Monserrate Park?

Tickets to Monserrate Palace & Park can be purchased online in advance to avoid long queues and the potential disappointment of tickets selling out. Purchasing tickets online also allows you to opt for tickets based on your preferences, such as tickets with audio guides and combo tickets.

How much are Monserrate Park tickets?

Admission tickets to Monserrate Park starts at €12. There are also options to purchase additional experiences like combo ticket options at an extra cost.

When was Monserrate Park built?

While Monserrate Park has a rich history dating back to the 16th century, the park, as we know it today, wasn't actually built then. Its development primarily occurred in the 19th century under the ownership of Francis Cook.

Where is Monserrate Park located?

Monserrate Park is is located at 2710-405 Sintra, Portugal. Get directions.

What is the best time to visit Monserrate Park?

The best times to visit Monserrate Park are in spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October). During these seasons, visitors can enjoy comfortable temperatures, blooming flowers/vibrant autumn foliage, and fewer crowds compared to the peak season.

Is Monserrate Park wheelchair accessible?

Some of Monserrate Park is accessible, however there are certain parts that are not accessible by wheelchair.